Happy Independence Day!

Hello friends, since this is a holiday week for the United States our newest episode is going to be coming out next Wednesday. In the mean time, we decided to leave you with some of our favorite facts and resources about the Revolutionary War.


I have always loved the story of James Armistead Lafayette. He was a double agent and a crucial player in the American victory at the Battle of Yorktown. 

Speaking of Lafayette, did you know that over 30 cities and counties across America bear the name of “America’s favorite fighting Frenchman”, the Marquis de Lafayette?

My recommendations are:

Read the entire text of the Declaration of Independence

Find a small child you’re related to and use their education as an excuse to check out this

PBS cartoon series. Or do what I’ve been doing and listen to Hamilton on repeat. 

 libkids4 Happy Fourth of July from Nashville!  (Photo credit: Google images)



Lafayette’s just full of good material. He wasn’t supposed to come to help those crazy colonies fight the Brits–in fact, he had strict orders not to–so he had to leave France in disguise. A lot of sources will tell you he dressed as a commoner, but the story has persisted that he dressed as a woman.

If you’re looking for a good soundtrack for Independence Day that doesn’t involve rapping “Guns and Ships” repeatedly at your uncle’s BBQ, you can’t go wrong with The Rodeo Suite by Aaron Copland, one of America’s most famous composers. You’ll recognize the last movement, “Hoe-down,” if you have ever listened to a radio station ever.


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