So many Greeks and Romans

6798 Friends, Romans, Fellow citizens of the internet, I hope you enjoyed listening to this colloquium on Classical Asia Minor as much I enjoyed putting it together. I wanted to give you  some of my favorite links that helped me prepare, starting with this helpful map of Greek colonies in Ionia.  You can find a brief overview of the start of the Greco-Persian Wars here and if you want to read Herodotus’ account you can read an online version here

For those interested in learning more about the poison king, Mithradates I recommend starting here and here. I also found a nice timeline of the Roman Empire. 

Extra Credits has several videos on the accomplishments of Byzantine rulers Justinian and Theodora. Thanks Rissa for telling us about this!

Finally, I would be remiss not  to recommend the podcast that inspired this entire series on Turkey. If you want to learn more about the pre-Socratic philosophers, make sure you check out Peter Adamson’s History of Philosophy Without Any Gaps

That’s all for now. Have a great week and keep learning! -Clio 


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