Taking a Week Off…

For a few reasons, but most prominent among them is that Science didn’t have time to finish her colloquium. We’ll be back next Wednesday with a new episode about…radio! It’s like podcasts in the air! See you then!

Just a heads-up!

Hey everyone, just so you’re aware, we’re talking a week off from the pod to catch up on…everything? Pretty much everything? We’ll be back with an episode on May 16th.

Holocaust Memorial Day

Hello friends, it’s Clio here. I wanted to share with you a story from last year that I recently discovered. It’s the story of David Boder, a psychologist who interviewed holocaust survivors in France. Recordings from his interviews were restored and scholars have been able to hear the songs his interviewees sung. The article in the link includes the audio of two of those recordings. 

Boder was originally from Latvia and so I’ve included some pictures from my own visit to Latvia. These were taken in the Jewish ghetto in Riga, a holding center for deported Jews from as far away as Berlin, Germany. The wall panels are covered in the names of people who were imprisoned there. 

Today we remember them.


Golden Age of Resources

Hello friends and listeners, it’s Clio. Thanks for your patience on this latest episode. While you’re waiting for it to air, I thought I would leave you with some fun information. Rissa pointed out that in my excitement for this colloquium I forgot to name the sources I was quoting from. So when you hear me reading direct quotes, they’re from the following books:

The Great Caliphs: The Golden Age of the Abbasid Empire by Amira K. Bennison

The House of Wisdom: How the Arabs Transformed Western Civilization by Jonathan Lyons

Medieval Robots: Mechanism, Magic, Nature and Art by E.A. Truitt

Two books I also enjoyed reading in preparation for this episode were:

When Baghdad Ruled the Muslim World: The Rise and Fall of Islam’s Greatest Dynasty by Hugh Kennedy

Islam in Historical Perspective by Alexander Knysh

If you’re wishing like us that someone would make a museum exhibit out of all these cool inventions then check out the 1001 Inventions youtube channel and their website full of even more information. 

At Last! A Playlist!

Hello everyone, as promised here is the playlist that kept us all entertained throughout the great eclipse of 2017 (in the Gregorian calendar).

And here two of my favorite videos about the whole event.

The first is a video of the International Space Station.

The second shows people across the country watching the eclipse.

If you need a list of snack sun-worthy snacks to eat while rocking out to Frank Sinatra (Why did I not try some of these?!), try the following:

  1. Cosmic brownies
  2. Moon pies
  3. Corona beer
  4.  Sunny D
  5. Starbursts
  6. Milkyway bars

Finally, if you want more information about the eclipse of 585 B.C.  or how to meet aliens in Kentuky check out these links.

Thanks for listening!