Fight Me About Jazz

Hi everyone! Science here. Clio and Rissa asked about recipes for all of Prohibition’s most popular illicit drinks (made with alcohol that’s like, good), and I’m here to deliver.

You’ve got to check out Thrillest’s guide to good Prohibition-era drinks–how you know they’re authentic (minus the methanol, of course). Cocktail Flow has a great guide here on how to make many of these cocktails with ingredients and instructions.

While enjoying your cocktail, please enjoy these video clips of ridiculous dance trends. The first clip, from a 1956 movie called Don’t Knock the Rock, showcases the Charleston and many of its variations. Watch out for those flying hands.

And this clip is footage of folks doing the Black Bottom. Note those variations in style–the Black Bottom is a lot more about hips and elbows. The scandal!

We’ll see you on Wednesday with a brand new episode! Until then, learn something worth knowing.

At Last! A Playlist!

Hello everyone, as promised here is the playlist that kept us all entertained throughout the great eclipse of 2017 (in the Gregorian calendar).
And here two of my favorite videos about the whole event.

The first is a video of the International Space Station.

The second shows people across the country watching the eclipse.

If you need a list of snack sun-worthy snacks to eat while rocking out to Frank Sinatra (Why did I not try some of these?!), try the following:

  1. Cosmic brownies
  2. Moon pies
  3. Corona beer
  4.  Sunny D
  5. Starbursts
  6. Milkyway bars

Finally, if you want more information about the eclipse of 585 B.C.  or how to meet aliens in Kentuky check out these links.

Thanks for listening!