How To Count To Seven

Dear Listeners, while listening to our latest episode I realized that I mis-numbered the Church councils. So in an attempt to clear up any confusion here is a quick list of them.

  1. Council of Nicaea- 325 CE. Is Christ divine? Is he equal to the Father? Was he created or uncreated?
  2. Council of Constantinople- 381 CE. Did Jesus have a human mind? Is the Holy Spirit equal to the Father and the Son?
  3. Council of Ephesus- 431 CE. How many persons are present in Christ? What should we call the Virgin Mary?
  4. Council of Chalcedon- 451 CE. How do the natures of Christ relate each other?
  5. Second Council of Constantinople- 553 CE. Tied up loose ends from Chalcedon. reaffirmed condemnation of Monophysites.
  6. Third Council of Constantinople- 678 CE. Does Christ have one will or two? Dealt with reemergence of Monophysite controversy.
  7. Second Council Of Nicaea- 787 CE. Settled the role of icons in Christian worship.


Now enjoy this collection of memes about St. Nicholas. -Clio


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