Jeering Homunculi

Hey gang! Rissa here. In the last episode, while we were talking about the truly bizarre historic beliefs about mandrake root (around 47 min in. I checked.), I mentioned a Magic: The Gathering card about an irritating homunculus, aka “little mandrake boy” and said I would post it here when I found it! It is in fact the “Jeering Homunculus” card, apparently from the “Conspiracy: Take the Crown” expansion, which you can see here. I myself haven’t ever played Magic: The Gathering, so I can’t really tell if this is a useful card or not, but it is a funny one!

Thanks for listening and thanks for reading! If you play Magic, good luck and have fun!


P.S. Please under no circumstances attempt to create a homunculus, with mandrake root or not. Let Fullmetal Alchemist be a lesson to you!


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