Hello everyone! Welcome to the website for The Liberal Aren’ts. We are three friends who all attended the same university. After graduation we scattered across the globe in search of glory and riches. OK let’s be honest here. We want to pay off student loans, find some way to use our degrees, and be financially stable enough to own a dog. We’re honored that you’ve chosen to join us for a part of our journey, so without further ado, here we are.

Hannah Wright16809041_10211489006282841_1354642689_n (Science) grew up as a weird kid in Colorado. She graduated college in 2015 with a degree in chemistry, clinging desperately to her minor in English. She’s now a graduate student in analytical chemistry, who misses classes about English. She spends her time in a lab measuring people’s exposure to pollutants, and dreaming about English. Her interests include chemistry, astronomy, biology, sociology, history, literature, Biblical studies, story structure and mechanics, and writing.



Hannah Nester (Clio)12191024_10153805734454884_3265412078756659238_n was given a biography of Pocahontas at eight years old. After devouring the book, she asked for a copy of the Disney movie, eager to see her new heroine come to life on screen. Halfway through the cinematic tale of talking trees and mischievous raccoons, she turned it off, exclaiming in disgust, “That’s not what happened!”. This early penchant for historical accuracy was an indication of events to come. After graduating with degree in history Hannah has traveled the country and world before landing back in her home town. She spends her free time teaching English, learning Arabic, forcing new recipes on her family, doing celebratory dances in the aisles of used book stores, and dreaming of the day when she’ll be in graduate school. Having since forgiven the cartoon Pocahontas for not being as epic as the original story, she can belt out “Colors of the Wind” with all the musical dexterity of, well, a talking tree.

Long ago, Rissa Willis 16810012_10212442953492681_998669018_nwas born and raised in Texas, and got her BA in Philosophy. Then, everything changed when the Fire Nation Attacked. (Read: She got accepted to Oxford University and her amazing parents helped her get there). Only Philosophy, which she started losing interest in around week 2, could get her her BPhil (that’s a Masters, basically). But when she needed it most, her academic drive vanished, to be replaced with a fondness for nothing but video games, audiobooks, D&D. But I believe, Rissa can still graduate. (In June and then move back in with her parents because I’m broke, y’all. Someone please pay me.)

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