Episode 41: I’m the Pants Lawyer (Thurídur Einarsdóttir ft. Sebastían)

It’s a very special post-Christmas Christmas episode of The Liberal Aren’ts, where we learn about a piece of Icelandic history with our Icelandic friend Sebastían! Sebastían (he/him/she/her) regales us with the story of a woman who was a fisherman, a sea captain, and…an amateur detective?! Learn about Þuríður (Anglicized as Thurídur) Einarsdóttir with us! Plus, Rissa tells us why the three wise men in your Grandma’s nativity set are diverse despite being manufactured in the seventies!

Clio wants to start a spin-off series. Sebastían always blames the Victorians. Rissa is in love with Þuríður. You can miss Science with those permits.

Episode 41: I’m the Pants Lawyer (Thurídur Einarsdóttir ft. Sebastían)