Episode 30 – Oceans 2: Ramen Heist (What We’re Into Mega-Episode)

It’s a bumper crop of things we’re into! Movies! Book sales! Breakfast! Reading again!

Clio sees through nefarious sales pitches. Rissa likes philosophy again. Science tells her middle school self to shut up.

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Episode 24 – Hey Pope Urban II, You Missed (History of Turkey VII)

Kids these days. Putting off homework, obsessed with video games, debasing the currency…not like the good old days when Murad II was sultan, I tell you what. Come hear Clio talk about the Ottoman Empire!

Science makes a bad pun. Clio sums up all of human history twice. Rissa has high expectations.

Hear our interview with Alysa at Best Forevers: https://www.bestforeverspod.com/podcast/

Check out our friends at Good Taste! https://www.spreaker.com/show/good-taste

Episode 11 – All Songs Are Breakup Songs (Tourist’s Guide to Prohibition I)

This week, Science takes a stand: podcasts that touch liquor shall never touch…hers. Mine. Ours. And then she talks about liquor for forty minutes. It’s a tourist’s guide to Prohibition!

Rissa begs for a job. Science has weird music taste, but at least she doesn’t blindly make playlists based on keywords, Clio.

Recommended Listening

Hey, everyone, Science here. Bad news. The eclipse was an omen of destruction, except it was specific to our personal schedules, so we’re not going to get an episode out this week. If you’d like something to listen to while you wait for us to get our acts together, may we recommend some of our favorites?

Stuff You Missed In History Class is from HowStuffWorks.com, and continually enriches my life with the wild, weird, or just overlooked elements of history. They have an episode on just about everything, so feel free to explore, but if you’d like a place to start, I recommend their episode on Ibn Battuta, the OG Marco Polo of the Islamic world, or their episodes on the flight to and the evacuation from Dunkirk.

Sawbones is a podcast starring a real live doctor and scientist and her husband, who knows nothing and does the jokes. It’s educational! And gross! Please enjoy their episode on Norovirus, or for the squeamish, their episode on the famous Dr. James Barry.

Shmanners is one of Rissa’s faves, an extremely polite podcast about the history and application of etiquette by a delightful married couple. I found their episode on coffee houses to be particularly informative and helpful.

And if YouTube is more your speed, please check out Extra History, a video series by people who love history almost as much as Clio. Start from the beginning of the series, in the Punic Wars, and see if you can stop yourself from watching. I can’t. Send help.

With any luck, we’ll see you next week, but until then, learn something worth knowing!