Episode 41: I’m the Pants Lawyer (Thurídur Einarsdóttir ft. Sebastían)

It’s a very special post-Christmas Christmas episode of The Liberal Aren’ts, where we learn about a piece of Icelandic history with our Icelandic friend Sebastían! Sebastían (he/him/she/her) regales us with the story of a woman who was a fisherman, a sea captain, and…an amateur detective?! Learn about Þuríður (Anglicized as Thurídur) Einarsdóttir with us! Plus, Rissa tells us why the three wise men in your Grandma’s nativity set are diverse despite being manufactured in the seventies!

Clio wants to start a spin-off series. Sebastían always blames the Victorians. Rissa is in love with Þuríður. You can miss Science with those permits.

Episode 41: I’m the Pants Lawyer (Thurídur Einarsdóttir ft. Sebastían)

Episode 38: Pro-Vax Chicken Nuggets (Analyzing Jurassic Park I)

Have you ever been stalked by a velociraptor? Does cloning mammoths appeal to you? Are you in love with Dr. Alan Grant? Do you want to learn more about the narrative structure of the Jurassic Park movies? Then this episode is for you!

Clio has great news. Rissa thinks we should play God a little, for the megafauna. Science was a kid with a dinosaur book.

Episode 38: Pro-Vax Chicken Nuggets (Analyzing Jurassic Park I)

Episode 35: Disney Lied To You (Greek Mythology III)

That’s right, we’re back! And we’re talking a lot about ungulates for some reason, including evil horses, poison cows, sexy bulls, and bad, naughty, frat boy centaurs. Join us for the long, long, long (long!!) awaited next installment of Rissa’s mythology corner as we learn about Heracles. Plus, a life update in the segment formerly known as Post-Grad Problems.

Science is never going back to school again. Rissa is a stickler for historical epochs. Clio needs to study her Russian.

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Episode 35: Disney Lied To You (Greek Mythology III)

Episode 34: We Are Out of Fur (Greek Mythology II)

Happy Halloween! Welcome to this sPoOkY ePiSo — Yeah, no, we forgot this episode was going up on Halloween. It’s not spooky. It’s another edition of Rissa’s Very Chill Story Corner, where we reiterate: do not trust Zeus. Don’t accept gifts from Zeus! Don’t help Zeus hide philandering, don’t fall in love with him, don’t talk to him. Not worth it! Prometheus knew what was up!

Clio gets political. Rissa wants her own podcast! Science is…too excited?!

The song that might be about turning into a tree is “Happy All the Time” by Danny Schmidt. Rissa recommends Zeus Grants Stupid Wishes and George Washington is Cash Money. Clio recommends The Wingfeather Saga by Andrew Peterson. Science recommends the podcasts Arden, Zoo, and We Fix Space Junk.

Episode 29 – How To Hack The Radio (Physics and Early History of Radio I)

Listen, podcasting is not an exact science, and this is not exactly Science’s episode. Editing is good, fam, just remember that.

Rissa hates moist innards. Science promises no death this time. Clio nearly poisons herself with tea.

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Extra Credits video on Bandwidth Crunch

How to Make a Radio

“Voting Day” by Son of Laughter

Episode 27 – The IKEA of Insects (Bees and Beekeeping ft. Adam Brandt)

Adam Brandt wants to change the way you think about bees. Sure, they’re insects, but they’re also mathematicians, bureaucrats, clones, fans of Game of Thrones, and fiercely loyal to their moms. Unless their moms aren’t fulfilling their roles as Queens, of course. Fair’s fair.

Rissa watches Magic School Bus. Clio brings on the folklore. Science is your mom now. Adam’s bees are…strong!

Adam’s Website and Instagram

Hilary Kearney’s (GirlNextDoorHoney on insta) Screaming Queen

A Scientific Article about bees’ visual memory

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Episode 23 – Hollywood: The Ancient Curse (History of Silent Film)

Grab some popcorn, pull up a chair, and refill your sodas, everyone, because it’s time to talk silent films with our Very Special Guest, Kaitlyn Thompson! Who may or may not have stolen the entire podcast pleasesendhelp.

Science finds the unfindable. Clio watches Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds on mute. Kaitlyn throws shade at Thomas Edison. Rissa finishes a novel.

Recommended Listening

Hey, everyone, Science here. Bad news. The eclipse was an omen of destruction, except it was specific to our personal schedules, so we’re not going to get an episode out this week. If you’d like something to listen to while you wait for us to get our acts together, may we recommend some of our favorites?

Stuff You Missed In History Class is from HowStuffWorks.com, and continually enriches my life with the wild, weird, or just overlooked elements of history. They have an episode on just about everything, so feel free to explore, but if you’d like a place to start, I recommend their episode on Ibn Battuta, the OG Marco Polo of the Islamic world, or their episodes on the flight to and the evacuation from Dunkirk.

Sawbones is a podcast starring a real live doctor and scientist and her husband, who knows nothing and does the jokes. It’s educational! And gross! Please enjoy their episode on Norovirus, or for the squeamish, their episode on the famous Dr. James Barry.

Shmanners is one of Rissa’s faves, an extremely polite podcast about the history and application of etiquette by a delightful married couple. I found their episode on coffee houses to be particularly informative and helpful.

And if YouTube is more your speed, please check out Extra History, a video series by people who love history almost as much as Clio. Start from the beginning of the series, in the Punic Wars, and see if you can stop yourself from watching. I can’t. Send help.

With any luck, we’ll see you next week, but until then, learn something worth knowing!