And They Were Both Walruses (Norse Mythology I)

Do you love a mythological cow? You’re about to! Join us as Rissa regales us with Norse mythology, but first: cursed science facts with Clio!

Clio recommends you buy your beloved a snail. Science had a pokemon on her desk. Rissa wants you to forget Marvel.

If you buy Neil Gaiman’s Norse Mythology, don’t forget to go to your local bookstore or!

Check out this snail hunting down this starfish, it’s totally rad.

“And They Were Both Walruses (Norse Mythology I)”

Episode 25 – I Refuse to Elaborate on Yogurt Enemas (History of Cereal)

Today The Liberal Aren’ts tackles all the controversies. What’s the best cereal? With milk or without? Cheese on grits?? Has Rissa really never eaten oatmeal in her life???

Rissa talks manners for vikings, straight from Odin’s mouth. Science is not mispronouncing granola. Clio has a noise complaint.

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Mini Episode: I Thought Everyone Knew About the Emu Wars (Fun Facts Mega Episode)

Oops! All fun facts! Oops! This mini episode is not so mini! Enjoy expanding your brain with all our new knowledge!

Rissa falls down a Norse Wikipedia hole. Science acquires a new fun fact on accident. Clio roasts Texas.

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